January Newsletter

What’s New Every Wednesday in February we are holding walk–in clinics for overdue Child Immunisations. You can come to surgery […]

3 Reasons not to miss your appointment

Help other patients. – If you book an appointment but don’t attend, another patient will miss out!

Help Us, Help You: Cancer – early diagnosis

If something in your body doesn’t feel right, don’t carry the worry of cancer with you.

Role of General Practice teams in supporting patient access to treatments for COVID-19

Understanding the role of GP teams in supporting patient access to treatments for COVID-19.

Group A Strep & Scarlet Fever

You may have seen in the news and online stories about Group A Strep.


Childhood immunisations are extremely important and can protect children from serious illnesses later on in life. We are trying to […]


Overuse of antibiotics can lead to development of resistant bacteria which can cause serious infections. Help conserve antibiotics so they […]

Cancer Screening

Cancer screening is extremely important as it can detect cancer early and save lives. There are screening programmes for breast, […]

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Are Your Contact Details Correct?

Please keep us informed of any changes to your address or contact phone numbers. We send out SMS reminders for […]