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Evening & Weekend Appointments

Extended hours appointments are offered at the surgery every Friday from 7am. Saturday appointments are also available between 9am and 5pm at various rotating sites across Huddersfield, including Woodhouse Hill Surgery.

These can be booked in advance.

Home Visits

Patients are requested, where possible, to telephone before 11am if a home visit is required that day.

We would request that, apart from the genuinely housebound, all other patients attend the surgery rather than request a home visit because of the extra time home visiting takes. On average four to five patients can be seen in surgery in the time it takes to do a single house call. In addition, the care that can be offered due to the lack of adequate lighting, examination facilities and equipment means that you may not receive as good a service as the doctor may be able to offer if you came to the surgery.

Please note that the doctor may telephone you rather than visit you if this is medically appropriate. Ultimately it is the doctors right to decide whether or not a visit is appropriate for a particular set of circumstances.